Soup and Breeze Recap

Hey ya’ll, for those who missed our event last week, we are back to share some cool highlights from our event.

“I was happy to see kids cook and to share with the community”

“The ceramic bowls were great, lovely and artistic” 

“Kids were really organized for their age”  

“I love how everyone was so interested and friendly”

Based on these comments, Plate It Up was a success!  We served over 40 people in just over an hour and managed have everyone leave the event with their bellies full despite some comments with not enough salt in the soups.

Here’s some photos to highlight our event.

Bowls ready to be covered with clear glaze and off to the kiln it goes. 
Bowls ready to be served. Out of the fire and into people’s hands. 
Santhiya pulling out the warm cookies out of the oven.  You can virtually smell the freshness!
Youth crew putting ingredients into a large pot. Stir away and season to taste. 

    prep cakepops
    Checking out the dessert section.

    20180222_175819Yasin offering some sweet treats to guests. Yummy!


Soup and Breeze

Soup And Breeze

Hey ya’ll

Cold outside? Check out our event in the next couple of weeks! Soup and Breeze.

The concept is simple.

Grab a handmade bowl and enjoy a bowl of soup created by us! What’s on the menu? Well, we have Jamaican corn soup, vegetable soup and chicken noodle soup.  Don’t forget our delicious desserts – all hand made with love!

Don’t miss out, limited seating available.  To reserve your spot, email


Plate It Up is back!



Plate it up Poster .jpg

Special thanks to Toronto Arts Council and ArtReach, Plate It Up is back just in time to go back to school.  Thank you to the East Scarborough Storefront for their support once again.

Plate It Up is looking for youth living in East Scarborough to participate in a 10 month mentorship program at the East Scarborough Storefront.

You think you got what it takes? Register now at

What a “claytastic” day!

What better way to end off this intensive 6 week session than to paint plates – paying homage to this program, of course.  Special thanks to the Clay Emporium for hosting the space for us to explore our palette for creativity!

Salmina gives us some tips on how to paint on ceramics. Three thin coats, and dry thoroughly for best results.

Beautifully illustrated by Prama, the asymmetrical layout really works in the context of food.


Sarah uses the rim of the plate as a border for her design. Simple and yet so effective.


Silma using a liner to outline her artwork.  FYI liners are really difficult to use.  Practice makes perfect.


Iman captures our hearts with her plate design.



Here are all the finished pieces ready to be loaded and fired into the kiln, can’t wait!


And here are the quarky artists who made it happen!


Out of the fire

The holiday season is near, so here’s sneak peak at some of the clay creations created in week 1 after they have been bisqued fired.


Using coiling and pinching techniques adds visual interest and creativity into the work, like this holiday basket from Shanelle, complete with bowtie and every lasting candy.  Perfect for the holiday season.  Can’t wait to see the final glaze fire.

Our wonderful Salmina spearheading the glazing session.

A flower pot? Too boring.   Sarah decides to spice things up with her rendition of a flower pot.  Just radiating with brightness!


Who knew that we had an animal lover in the group!  This is just too adorable for a cat bowl.


Speaking of flowers, special thanks to Theon our helpful volunteer to arrange fruits in a visually compelling platter.  This will certainly entice anyone to eat fruits,even the picky ones.


Let’s eat!

Do you smell that?  Probably not, but aroma of this week’s session tingled everyone’s taste buds. Here’s what we were up to on the culinary side.

This week’s menu features roasted chicken thighs with white beans, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Our talented culinary leads, Pradheepa and Theon spearheading this session, it’s going to be an awesome cooking adventure.


One of the great things about cooking is that you can identify these ingredients!  Nothing too complicated.


Our culinary whiz, Theon teaching us how to play…..oops! we mean, use the mandolin slicer.  Keep our fingers away from the blade!


In the meantime, Sarah uses her keen skills to divide the pastry sheets evenly with her hand!  No tools required! Impressive.


For dessert, we are taking those pastry sheets and wrapping them around a baking pan to make the ever so popular apple rose puff pastries.


And voilà! Meal is ready!  Bon appetite!


Pottery Wheel at the Gardiner Museum

Hey all, we are back again for another session!  This time we are going to the Gardiner Museum and we are going to get messy!

Bring old clothes for this excursion because clay flies everywhere when you’re having fun.



On Saturday December 5th, a small group of us got the exciting chance to experience the pottery wheel.  What is the pottery wheel? One word to describe it is AWESOME!!  We were led by a professional ceramic artist and within the 90 minutes we created some spectular wheel throwned pieces.

The artist, Audrey, made it look so easy as we were so mesmorized by how the hand can shape a blob of clay while it is spinning.


When it came to actully sitting down and doing it, we had some assistance from the facilitators.  Like any skill, it takes practice and a little coaching.

DSC05450.JPGIt’s harder than it looks but we managed to pull some pieces that we are proud off.

The painting awaits! But we have to let it dry and fire it in a special oven called the kiln!


Inaugural Scarborough Youth Arts Gala

Save the date! On Saturday June 27th, come join the Plate It Up youth leaders as they host the inaugural Scarborough Youth Arts Gala at Heron Park Community Recreation Centre from 2 to 4 pm.  This family free event  will showcase and celebrate the rich and vibrant works of art including live painting and cooking demonstrations, music, arts and crafts and much more. Enjoy gourmet snacks and refreshments while you browse through the gallery of ceramic and canvas pieces made by local youth available for purchase (cash only please). Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Saturday June 27th

Time: 2 pm – 4 pm

Location: Heron Park Community Centre (292 Manse Road)  

Event Partners:

Healthy Living through Art
Seed to Table
Heron Park Community Centre & Port Union Community Centre Pottery Groups  
South Asian Autism Awareness Centre – Creative
Behind the Line
Native Child and Family Services

SYAG Flyer2

Jane’s Walk: Morningside Park

Today we took an inspired stroll in one of our neighbourhood treasures, Morningside Park. Our walk will be one of thousands after this weekend to have taken place across neighbourhoods and cities all over the world as part of a free and powerful movement known as Jane’s Walk.


Jane’s Walks are free, locally organized walking tours, in which people get together to explore, talk about and celebrate their neighbourhoods. Where more traditional tours are a bit like walking lectures, a Jane’s Walk is more of a walking conversation. Leaders share their knowledge, but also encourage discussion and participation among the walkers.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

We hope that you feel inspired to take a walk and explore your neighbourhood too!